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The Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology is a unique institution in the country that prepares students to become chemists.

The training process stipulates the study of composition, structure and compound properties, elaboration of special methods for obtaining new substances with directed properties, advanced technologies for production of final materials with advanced competitiveness and reduction of negative impact on the environment. To provide an excellent training from both practical and theoretical points of view most of the disciplines comprise all forms of instruction: courses, seminars, laboratory woks/workshops, writing theses and annual project. That allows the graduates to accumulate thorough experimental skills required for successful functioning at any scientific laboratory or industry.

The faculty has necessary resources to achieve the major objective – training of young chemists. Therefore, by virtue of its didactic, scientific and methodical activities the faculty provides an efficient continuity of education – secondary, university and post-university professional education: Chemistry, Chemical Technology and Environment Protection.

DEAN: Assoc. Prof., Dr Viorica GLADCHI

VICE-DEAN : Assoc. Prof., Dr. Aliona COTOVAIA



  • Chemistry
  • Industrial and Environmental Chemistry

List of study programs, level I Bachelor

  • Chimie  2019  2020   2022
  • Chimie ZI 2022
  • Chimie frecventa redusă 2022
  • Chimie biofarmaceutică  2019  2020   2022
  • Tehnologia chimică industrială  2019  2020   2022
  • Tehnologia produselor cosmetice și medicinale  2019  2020   2022
  • Chimie și Biologie  2019   2022
  • Chimie și Informatică  2019   2022
List of study programs, II level Master
  • Chimie coordinativă(120)  2019  2020    2022
  • Chimie ecologică și protecția mediului(120)  2019    2022
  • Tehnologia produselor cosmetice si medicinale(120)  2019  2020   2022

Doctoral Studies (6 semesters)

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